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At Vulcan Machining & Fabricating, Inc. we are the precision machining and manufacturing experts. Whether you need robotic components used on Earth or in space, or deep oil tools used on land or at sea, or heavy industry equipment such as pumps, compressors, blowers, instrumentation and valve components, we are your one stop shop. Our goal is to provide the highest quality work at a reasonable price, made in the U.S.A.. Vulcan Machining & Fabricating, Inc. boasts one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry, and all parts are inspected in-house for quality compliance.

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At Vulcan Machining & Fabricating, Inc. we specialize in a multitude of products. From repair or creating new. Pump Shafts, Housings, Split Couplings, Babbit Bearings, Sleeves, Babbit Couplings, Glands, Seal Sleeves, Washers, Custom Bolts, Nozzles, etc.. We also work with a wide variety of metals ranging from all Nickel Alloys to Alloy Steels. Vulcan Machining & Fabricating, Inc. is an all manual lathe, mill and fabricating shop with a combined experience of over 125 years that specializes in tight tolerance, precision work. We serve a variety of industries ranging from oil and gas to high technology computer and electronic companies. There is no limit to our capabilities, and we welcome any challenges your company needs help with.

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Vulcan Machining & Fabricating, Inc.

4916 Weeping Willow RD

Houston, Texas 77092 USA

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